All Out Amends

If you attended the VIP Day or tried working the exercises on Amends I suggested below, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to continue to notice the little ways you can catch yourself showing up in ways that don’t feel really good or clean to you. Where did you react without really … Read more

A MOMENTOUS DAY! And Making Amends

All Out Amends

We gather today in an hour at my lovely spot on the water for the Second VIP day that celebrates those who have completed a year of the Mastermind and Mentoring Experience, those who have turned a corner in this process, and those who are brand new—starting today! The focus is on making amends to … Read more

“From now on our troubles will be miles away…” Pain can shift instantly….[Even with Old Patterns Out in the Hall Doing Push-UPs]

During my graduate study in linguistics, there was a term ‘cognitive flexibility,’ which I consider to be what we are creating by systematically coming to UN-BELIEVE the pain-inducing programming that keeps us in the same reactionary ruts: Anxiety, Anger and Alienation. This NEW YEAR’S LOVE letter (which you can also read on my BLOG page, if you … Read more