You’ve done The Work…. You’ve come so far toward Inner Peace…BUT you’re still not completely happy with some important parts of your life 

That relationship that makes you crazy

That Impact you still want to make

That anxiety you just can’t shake

Aligned Action Adventure-02

Crack the Code on Evolving the "Holdout" Places that Keep You From Creating a Life You Truly Love

After all your Inner Work, what are the final frontiers where you don't feel present, connected, clear, living in alignment with your highest vision?

Where you still go through part of your day with a sense of overwhelm, anxiety, even dread or anger about your situation or your future?

Maybe it’s your marriage or another close relationship…. You don’t have a clue how to change the dynamics you react to so strongly. You don’t want to leave but you also don’t want to stay. You wonder… is this it? 

Maybe it’s your body or your health…. You want to eat in line with what you believe, or lose that weight. But you almost don’t even try, because you don’t think you can handle life without “that addictive substance.”   

Or maybe it’s political or organizational…. You haven’t fully come to terms with what you can do; what is your role in the local, national, or planetary issues your concerned about.

Bottom line, you still struggle with those stuck "holdout places" that leave you feeling clueless, frustrated, confused, hopeless, or even depressed.

THE GOOD NEWS IS… Your biggest  holdouts are holding the key to your biggest breakthroughs! 

So If… 

There are things you want to accomplish or change about yourself or your life, but just can’t seem to make it happen…or

Or If…

If you’ve still got some pretty major “Happiness Gaps” in your relationship to yourself, others, or an important aspect of your life…


Should you choose to accept it, is to 


So You Can Stop Seeking & Relax into a Life that Fits!


…Waking up feeling calm, energized, and happy to meet your day.

…Loving who you are and how you are being, trusting where you’re going–even in your process of letting your old stuck areas evolve you as you get clarity and make changes.   

…Approaching your holdouts (those tenacious patterns that show up in many costumes) with a relaxed, fearless curiosity; 

…Transforming fears, resistance, stumbling blocks, and ‘excuses’ as they arise, so that problem solving feels like fun and next actions emerge with clarity and ease. 
…Finally knowing what it feels like to keep your own counsel and act in solidarity with yourself and life…. creating win-win outcomes for all by bringing self-love to the table.
Aligned Action Adventure

You've made a huge dent in your habitual stressful thinking. Yet stepping into self-aligned action around those final holdouts is what will evolve you into the unshakable safety and unconditional connection to yourself, others, and life that you've been seeking for so long. 

SO WHY Haven’t YOU?

Well, I believe you may have fallen victim to simple physics! Albert Einstein nailed it when he said:


Without the collective power to shift WHAT HAS KEPT YOU from rocking and then finally rolling in a direction that feeds your soul, what you have is a simple case of INERTIA.

If you want to to overcome the INERTIA that keeps your unsatisfactory status quo in place, its important to know that:


There is a reason part of you is holding out. It’s trying to save you. Its well-meaning but misguided efforts need your focus and attention.

Because of the way our brains are wired, a “holdout-in-hiding” needs your help to see for itself that it is safe to come out and play.

In order for a mental or spiritual turn-around to forge a new pathway in your REALITY, it must begin to live as action.

  • To overcome its inertia, it needs a simple, efficient process that not only seeks the SYMMETRY in your Holdout’s stories, but puts your answers into action.
  • And it craves a structure of warm, sustained, and unconditional support to safely nurture realization to risk-taking to reality,
  • This consistent creation-cocoon allows your stuck, heavy, or reversed energy to invent a vision of something that can fly.
  • The lightness, clarity, and momentum–that is just waiting to emerge–efficiently evolves your old “HOLDOUT” energy into a kind of fearless faith that allows manifestation to flood in.

VOILA! We have created a sweet spot that

transforms your  INNER NAY–SAYER into the CHAMPION of your HAPPINESS. 

Taking this time to actualize the YOU that you are becoming–to strengthen and test your new wings in a safe environment–is the crucial step that REAL-izes all your seeking and learning.

When this shift happens, it can:

  • Heal so much–Past, Present, and Future. 
  • Take you places you had never thought possible.  
  • Create WIN-WIN solutions out of your NO-WIN scenarios
  • Open you to the limitless support the flows from aligned action.  

This clarity and self-solidarity restores the childlike momentum to rock the status quo off center and roll you happily into


Aligned Action Adventure

In other words, It is completely possible to turn all those spiritual realizations into Realities!

Bringing the HOLDOUTS out of hiding and staying right there with them, like children who have gone astray believing their fearful thoughts, is not insurmountable, especially now that you have laid all the groundwork. 

It’s just important not to come out of your “self-metamorphosis cocoon” too soon,  

You’ve broken down much of the old “caterpillar” programming… (In other words, you have dismantled much of the old disempowering mindsets that were holding you back)….

Now it’s time to get busy BUILDING A FLYING MACHINE!

 If you don’t, the part of you that craves to come into existence finally gives up or rebels. 

For some this looks like depression, relationship dysfunction, ADD, cancer, job loss, divorce, or never finding a passion or “groove.”

The HOLDOUTS of Your Old Programming Win.

By 2001, I already knew how to manifest in a big way.

I had followed dreams around the country and around the world, from leaving college to joining an organization like the Peace Corps, to Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland for research, to a paradigm-shifting book and speaking career, to remodeling houses and adopting a baby from China.  

But I was miserable. And when it came to spiritual and emotional peace, I had every HOLDOUT in the book!

On one hand, I would let other peoples’ needs, fears, priorities, judgments—and the perception that they had power over my happiness—’tear me in half’ and stall out my momentum. 

On the other hand, I would exhaust myself trying to please them, bring them along with me, keep them from being mad or fearful… thinking that making everything OK for them was a prerequisite to my moving forward.  

Over time, I drained my life force–my energy, time, inspiration, and focus–waiting for their approval or permission to be who I knew I needed to be and create, to stop making compromises based on what THEY wanted, and to craft a life that finally fit for me!  


Aligned Action Adventure

The Cost of INACTION to myself, my loved ones, my health, and my finances was great.  My whole life crashed, creating a much-needed course correction.

I had come so far, I had studied and practiced almost every trick in the book, including the very WORK I was teaching others.  

Something happened that finally taught me the science and skill of USING the deeper Symmetry held in my HOLDOUT PLACES–those reactions that could still get triggered after all this waking up–to guide me into a responsive kind of action that is constantly re-aligning with what feeds and energizes and feels right to ME.

I began to step into SELF-SOLIDARITY. I stopped putting everything and everyone else first. I finally saw a way to never leave myself behind again.

All those “non-action” reactions that had captivated my life began to reverse themselves, creating win-win outcomes for all concerned (even the internal holdouts and external nay-sayers!).

My brother used to argue that people couldn’t really change.  

But the other day, he admitted that I have. That he is happy for me about who I am now, and the life I’ve created, and the help I offer others.  
I’m happy about it too!  
I finally CRACKED THE CODE on evolving myself via action…. Till I became an expert of sorts…. Life supports me, so that I feel more confident in it each time, like a manifesting maven!!!! Fearlessly taking action, trusting reality, and proactively meeting stuck places with compassion, curiosity, & inquiry–for more action, which leads to more evolution, and a kind of momentum that finally fits.
After a lifetime of struggle, I not only discovered a completely reliable strategy for moving out of emotional pain and into fearless faith in myself, others, and life…
But discovered how to take it FURTHER!!!
  • How to turn the energy shifts in relationship to myself, others, and life into physical shifts in manifestation,
  • How to create higher shifts in consciousness, that bring momentum to sustain this happy cycle.
  • How to spot the sacred appearance of INERTIA is no more than an invitation to inquiry–to help out the littlest parts of me that are still stuck believing their thoughts!
And I love sharing this foolproof path to becoming the divine creator you were born to be!

I love that I now can share with you this foolproof path to becoming the divine creator you were born to be!

  • It’s about free-falling into creating, then working through what comes up.  
  • It’s about following where that leads you, cherishing what shows up, and letting it inform your next steps.  
  • It’s about cradling and setting free the child-like stories standing in your way so that the child-like creativity, trust, energy tenacity, FUN and effortless action naturally emerge…

Actively evolve the "Holdouts" that have kept you stuck in UNFINISHED BUSINESS...

Aligned Action Adventure

Join me for the Aligned Action Adventure!

A 12-month experience for spiritually aware people like you who want to walk your talk and create powerful win-win solutions so you live a life that truly expresses who you are.

When you become part of the Aligned Action Adventure, you learn to:

  • BREAK THROUGH remaining mind-made stumbling blocks
  • Identify and CLEAR UP what’s standing in your way
  • STOP RERUNNING different versions of the same reality in your life, and

Instead of going a mile wide and an inch deep

by focusing on feelings of disappointment, pain, unrest, and dissatisfaction in your broader life,

You will go an inch wide and a mile deep

into helping yourself move the very specific stuck or scary areas you choose to target, letting whatever change does show up guide your process.

This momentum of this dynamic process–and the freedom and clarity it evolves in you–form a living template that moves you into action in all areas.

WITHIN this cocoon of focused Self-Manifestation Support,

you start to find out that leaning INTO that light and putting one foot in front of the other is much easier and more fun than you thought!


You take a few steps and decide its not working, or exhaust your adrenalin and your options trying to MAKE it work 


Use The Tools You’ve Gathered

You’ve invested time, money, and emotion into building your toolbox and filling it with tips and techniques toward Living in Symmetry.  But, are you actively using them to debunk the stories that say you can’t change those holdout places, can’t have that dream, can expect more in that relationship?    

It’s necessary to break down your old paradigms, dynamics, and limiting beliefs to make progress.  But, you already know that. In fact, you’ve already done that.  

Let’s keep going and build something beautiful together.  Something developed by you and for you… with the help of Aligned Action Adventure!

  • In this Aligned Action Adventure Year-Long Mastermind and Manifestation Mentorship Experience, you will
  • Identify and finally clear up issues you may have given up on long ago.
  • Deepen your inquiry, so you can turn deepen your self-evolution via action.
  • Reconnect to the life you have, which opens the way for it to evolve into the life you want–every day.

Don’t stand there holding your toolbox and wondering how it all comes together.  You’ve already dismantled many of your disempowering beliefs.

The Aligned Action Adventure is the perfect platform to take those tools out and start rebuilding everything that’s been exposed and broken down.

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Aligned Action Adventure-02

Are You Ready for the Next Step?

Through The Work, you have experienced how easily you can shift your emotional state…but have you sustained an inquiry focused on evolving your HOLDOUT PLACES by taking conscious, self-aligned actionDo you hold a vision of nagging problems, addictions, and patterns and yearn to settle them at last?

If you understand what I’m talking about, then you are starting to let yourself HAVE clarity concerning the ways you are still giving up on yourself or are still suffering. 

Now is the perfect time to put those skills to work taking conscious action that is resulting in REAL change in the most stuck areas of your life.
It is time to proactively focus on honoring the HOLDOUTS. On compassionately transforming the parts of you that stand in the way of taking action—the parts represent are fear or resistance or rebellion or confusion or procrastination–so you can flow into action.

Imagine yourself trusting your instincts and your decisions, ending the inner war, practicing loving self-solidarity and self-responsibility?  You can be the creator of the kind of life you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Is it time to put those skills to work taking conscious action that is resulting in REAL change in the most stuck areas of your life?
Is it time to proactively focus on honoring the HOLDOUTS? On compassionately transforming the parts of you that stand in the way of taking action—the parts represent are fear or resistance or rebellion or confusion or procrastination–so you can flow into action?


Have you focused your Work in on one (or a few) of your HOLDOUTS?  

Have you gifted yourself real-time coaching, partner, and group inquiry to address your fears as they arise… Turning around the most stubborn disempowering mindsets that have kept you stuck… Truly keeping your own counsel to align your actions with who you are becoming?
Top it off with consistent, committed, non-judgmental peer support, and present clear loving mentorship, and you’ve got a structure within which to evolve naturally and almost effortlessly into action, with little or no fear.
It’s a different world when you consciously apply your new tools–coupled with tailor-made support and new insights about how manifestation works—within the context of this powerful program.

WITHIN this cocoon of focused Self-Manifestation Support:

you start to find out that leaning INTO that light and putting one foot in front of the other is much easier and more fun than you thought!


You take a few steps and decide its not working, or exhaust your adrenalin and your options trying to MAKE it work 



WIN-WIN Outcomes are so much easier to create than your NO-WIN monkey mind told you they would be!  
(Once you focus with Self-Solidarity.) 

Even though the mind is trying hard to save you with all it’s dire forecasts and self-criticism, it’s amazingly easy to get it out of the driver’s seat.

( Once you know how.)

And it’s amazingly natural to put in the part of you that sees a happy vision and knows how to create it behind the wheel and start moving!

(Once you have real-time support.)

So much more fun! So much better for all concerned!


if you DON’T get the nay-sayers into the back seat or out of the car completely, and don’t take proactive action to create a tailor-made WIN-WIN WORLD that fits you like a glove, time goes by with no real change. 
Suddenly you notice:
  • All that insight and inspiration devolves into the old patterns as you dig yourself into a deeper hole,
  • You stay alienated from yourself or your spouse. You gain more weight, feel more hopeless, stay overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, having decided (by not deciding) to passively live with things….
  • Until they flare up, then you beat yourself up for not having changed your situation yet.
  • Now and then, you have a little flurry of activity and “commitment,”
  • But then you run into the dreaded “status quo-sustainers” (who have been doing push-ups out in the hall!) Same old, same old.

If you get HONEST with yourself, you know the real spiritual work lies not in the thing you want, but in helping the parts of you that create the self-sabotage.

Aligned Action Adventure

What You Get in 


Over the course of the next 12 months, you will access a rich sense of absolute safety, connection, freedom, humor and lightness. The result is TANGIBLE SUSTAINABLE CHANGE, even in areas like anxiety, depression, stuck marriage, when nothing else has worked. 

1 Targeted Group Call per Month plus Weekly Self-Support Attention Focusing

Move into baby steps and giant leaps as you witness and support others in manifesting a life they love. Receive exponential benefits from Shawn's targeted coaching and insightful teaching via 12 90-minute group calls with highly-motivated peers that include guided meditation, heart-seat laser coaching.

10 Aligned Action Breakthrough Sessions with Shawn

Unravel Fear and Resistance; Gain Compassion and Clarity; turn your Spiritual Realizations into Realities, in an intimate, honest facilitation and mentoring session with Shawn and includes teaching deeper levels of The Work, The Wheel of Self-Love, role-play, and deep demonstration.

Private Start-Up, Support, and Turn-Around Sessions with a Coach

Enhanced progress via quarterly 45-minute individual coaching check-in, support and teaching calls with one of Shawn's Legacy of Self-Love or Coaches in Training. Celebrate your shifts, address new challenges, master turn-arounds and other skills.

Live or Virual VIP ½ Day Group: Creating Self Connection, Care, and Clarity

Powerful mentoring and intention-setting conversation, teaching, and self-discovery with Shawn and the entire group. Includes a deep dive into a transformational topic, and intimate follow-up message thread.

Best Pricing

Even more value via a large sign-on discounts at other events for current clients, plus participant discounts on additional private sessions.

Rich Content

Your Masterclass Resource Hub provides highly relevant strategies & guidance with Shawn’s original templates, worksheets, articles, videos, audios, and articles that support mastery. Includes course replays and archives.


Optional partnering for accountability and practice in Shawn's Wheel of Self-Love and facilitating The Work of Byron Katie. These fun, intimate sessions support clarity, real-time shifts, and action steps.

In-Depth Support

Frequent contact via assigned and optional sharing in a private discussion forum where members and Shawn share support, fun, answers, guidance, warm camaraderie, and deep lasting connection.

Caretaker of the Part of you that Wants MORE:  In this module, you name the parts of your life where you’d like to see real change, and narrow your focus down to 3 area(s) of your life that are your first priority in taking action to self-align your life.  Narrowing down to ONE issue at a time, you apply Shift I. You drop deeply into caring that you have a part of your life where you really want something to change. We give full attention and permission, and truly listen to the parts of you that are either suffering, want something different, better, happier, or have a dream of a higher level of connection and contribution. This is where you find what makes your situation feel painful to YOU, and clear up childhood wounds that may be fueling the fire. You may even find that it’s not a problem at all once you have recognized the underlying need you believed it would meet, and shift into being accepting and even happy with or grateful for the situation just as it is—ready for the challenge to let this be more about evolving you than about getting a specific outcome! In this reframing your view of the problem behind the problem, you find that addressing root cause and the symptoms (the way the problem manifests in your life today) separately feels more hopeful and manageable.

Once you have identified and given a description and a name to each aspect of your life you want to change (even if you are no longer calling it a “problem” based on your recent reframing), you choose one to focus your energies on.  From there, we begin to discover why you want what you want and connect to the motivation and juice that allows you to not just get into action, but stay in action when things get tough. You go through a process of observing and shifting the self-sabotage mechanisms—the stories of the past and future that get in the way of making a change.  Focusing tightly on the action steps you have crafted, you and your partner clearly observe the fears, resistance, distractions, habits, addictions, and past/future projections that come up when you envision taking effective action. You move yourself into feeling safe, teachable, empowered, and open to new answers. This foundational work is a critical step that most people skip when they start to tackle a stubborn problem or realize a dream…which often leads them to believe it’s not possible and go back into resignation or failure mode.

In this module, you begin to LIVE the turn-arounds that have come from your work thus far. You get absolute clarity on your big WHYs–the 3 main drivers that power you to finally take self-aligned action, and your big YES, BUTS–the 3 main stories that keep you from making this change you say you want. With a new interpretation, and a clear path for creating what you want and need, you the first half of your MATRIX MAP, identifying your intentions in a way that maximizes REAL-ization, and puts into practice the clearly defined shifts and goals that would signal completion, and the action steps that move you efficiently toward them.

With the help of Shawn, the group, and your self-responsibility support partner, you re-visit forgiveness at a new level, truly advocating for your past, present, and future innocence—standing with and for yourself for where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going.  This allows you to move fearlessly–since the thing we fear most that keeps us from moving is often the fear or our own regret, guilt, and self-punishment. You begin to experience the perfect fairytale your life has been so far, that has finally brought you to this moment where you transform and blame, shame, guilt, or regret into SELF-SOLIDARITY and UNSHAKEABLE SUPPORT for the part of you that always did the best you could.  You see why it has made sense that you have felt powerless, victimized, and clueless about a way to create a win-win outcome, and create a new story that changes the future of who you are right down to your DNA. You continue this practice, observing and working through what comes up with compassion and Self-Solidarity, as you move into each action step–staying with the part of you that needs your help through private mentoring with Shawn, as well as real-time reflections with your partner, the group, and in your personal manifestation practice.

With the support of Shawn and the AAA group, you go all the way into forgiveness of others or life, seeing how that lack of forgiveness has kept you stuck, then watch yourself taking or not taking action steps you’ve laid out for yourself.  You experience the freedom of being with yourself, others, and events just as they are, learn to be completely honest about your progress or lack thereof.You learn to love and fully TRUST what does or does not show up, and celebrate movement on other goals. You experience the free-fall of receiving the life that shows up with curiosity, openness, and gratitude—starting to live in fearless faith from where you are (not where you thought you should be), and helping out any stories that say you or others are ‘’doing it wrong.” You become expert at applying these pivotal shifts to become your own best cheerleader, fearlessly propelling yourself into your “next right action.” You find for yourself how a NO from life is as good as or better than a YES, for the gifts it brings, and you live that with each situation that does not go the way you planned. Fearlessly knowing how to trust what shows up and let it evolve you, you can work through the stories of fear or resistance or rebellion that still get in the way, and let action flow fearlessly as you take baby steps or giant leaps of faith. With each step, you gain momentum as you find for yourself that there are no “bad” outcomes–it’s all just love and lessons.

You become an expert at finding how events are all happening perfectly for you, so that you learn to trust what shows up when it shows up, and act on your own behalf to harvest hidden riches from any frustration, anger, need, fear, sadness, and defensiveness that arise. You know a sure-fire path to CATCH the grace of each moment—even when it doesn’t show up the way you planned–as you put one foot in front of the other to create and enjoy your self-aligned life.  You notice that a NO from life is as good as–and often better than a YES–because of the unseen potentials that it reveals, including the potential to evolve something in you that was standing in the way or not able to see possibilities and open to action. When you find a place in you that does not see events and outcomes that way, you move into the practice of almost immediately moving into inquiry on it, returning to the ‘don’t know’ mind and the ways you can re-image it as the very gift you were waiting for.

PLUS AMAZING Bonuses! ($997 Value)

Shawn’s Aligned Action Adventure includes:

  1. Weekly Text Check-In with Shawn herself around your deepest challenges and richest celebrations.
  2. 100% Off a Retreat Registration Fee for Shawn’s 3-day Waterfront Retreat at Light Landing
  3. Private Reflection & Direction Session with Shawn to reflect on your progress and bring crystal clarity to your next steps
  4. No-Matter-What Milestones to sustain and celebrate your momentum
  5. Personalized Shortcut to Peace Template to stop your self-sabotage mechanisms in their tracks

Cutting-edge content.

As part of this group, you will get a copy of a powerful book about manifestation. You will also get priority access to newest of Shawn's increasingly popular and powerful Happiness Hacks, "The Science of Taking Life as it Comes," modified for specific application around creating a life you love. AAA participants become part of the creation process in conveying these deep insightful structures and synthesis into simple, common sense 'shortcuts' to feeling better fast and evolving yourself via action.

"There is deep integrity, Shawn, in what you share …It’s palpable and permeates your words and actions. Your willingness to be both visible and vulnerable is a continual testimony of your dedication to ‘walk your talk’. I also really appreciate your sense of humor that reads as kindness…such a kind heart you have. So beautiful is ‘The Work’ that you share. Thanks so much…I value your stand and your commitment to truth, beauty and true care for us all…It’s a treasure."
- Donna drozda, fine artist

What is Self-Solidarity?

Self-Solidarity is the idea that at the same time you are undoing so much of the ego's story and dismantling your old self, you begin to meet and fall completely in love with the most tender part of you that is still holding on to the thinking (and thus innocently creating what remains of your suffering).

In this reconciliation, you become who you really are: the unconditional forgiveness, warm understanding, and unfailing self-love and advocacy that cannot come from anything else (and yet in finding it, you connect to EVERYTHING else). You and the small scared parts of yourself will begin to experience deep and absolute belonging to each other that allows you to embrace whatever life brings!

Whatever you have experienced of this, it is just the tip of the iceberg. If you continue, this sweet self-solidarity will become the mainstay of your existence and mainline to what is beyond existence. Together we will face the fear of worse-case scenarios where external events are concerned—and discover that the cost of failing to support, beating up, and so quickly 'leaving' our most innocent, well-meaning selves is worse--for ourselves, others, and the planet--than ANY other consequence we fear.

When you act from this place of Self-Solidarity, you create WIN-WIN outcomes for all involved, aligned with your highest vision for yourself, others, and this planet.
- Shawn

Get ready to experience...

  • Deep shifts toward dependable peace and delicious connection
  • A solid grasp of how to USE whatever scares, angers, or saddens you to set yourself free
  • A close, long term 1:1 relationship with Shawn and a small group of individuals who are highly committed to unconditional self-love!

About Shawn Mahshie

Shawn Mahshie’s life work has facilitated critical shifts in perspective for individuals and couples, groups, schools, and even governments addressing stubborn long-term issues. Quick to make connections and spot her own stories as well as those of her clients, she supports herself and others in:

  • Peace-full Happy Relationships with Self and Others
  • Flourishing Work/Small Business/Spiritual Life
  • Reliably Thriving in the Face of Adversity

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