meet shawn mahshie

Shawn’s clients are bowled over by the tangible and lasting shifts they get from Shawn’s deep but efficient way of USING–with absolute reliability–the very things that upset them to arrive at a dependable kind of peace and delicious connection with self, others, and life.

shawn mahshieAfter a highly visible career facilitating critical shifts for schools, businesses, even governments worldwide via her writing, public speaking, and leadership, Shawn’s seemingly idyllic life crashed under the weight of chronic illness/pain, relationship/food addiction, and severe co-dependence and divorce. Thanks to her happy emergence via deep self-inquiry, she is now creating a body of work around the ‘the Symmetry of Self-Love’ that altered her (and now her clients’) relationships, health, and business success.

A highly-respected coach, author, and teacher (who often helps other leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs shift remaining blocks to dependable peace, self-solidarity and prosperity), Shawn is known among those she works with for facilitating, modeling, and mentoring self-inquiry on an intimate, fun, and fearless level–with much warmth, compassion and a keen understanding of the nature of thought. She is also a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and Author of the forthcoming book, The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing ‘Peace’ We Were Never Taught.

the work logoShawn’s focus, “Coming Home to Self-Solidarity” offers practical, reliable steps for how to capitalize (literally) on the intensely private and often harsh self-doubt, fear, regret, defensiveness, and even depression that can come up in all relationships, business, and any aspect of life. While the suffering appears to be created outside us, Shawn uses her own coaching and The Work to ensure that you discover a completely reliable way to realize this: NO outcome is worse than the ways we criticize, abandon, and fail to support ourselves, and that in this sweet reconciliation, we become who we really are: the unconditional forgiveness and no-matter-what self-advocacy that makes the whole world a safe and connected place to live.


Come and get for yourself this fascinating WIN-WIN approach to turning the pain of rejection, competition, and constant overwhelm into the 'Grad School' of your spiritual development. Have a Prosperity via Self-Love Strategy and Support Session with Shawn, get help with YOUR areas of lack, regret, or self-doubt, ask all the questions you want, or sign on for a one of her vibrant individual or group programs or waterfront retreats!!!

Those who schedule time with Shawn will also get a copy of her new eBook, "The Spark of Self-Love: 3 Simple Steps to Turn Regret, Self-Doubt, and Indecision into Radical Self-Love, Confidence, and Prosperity."


Email support(at)shawnmahshie.com or call 301-785-0545 (cell and message). If you need urgent help, please call. You can also schedule me below.

Learn more about Shawn’s newest program, The Symmetry of Self-Love: A Platinum Mastermind.

Clients and students around the world report remarkable change in their lives, relationships, and businesses via Shawn’s spellbinding webinars and workshops, highly efficient Individual Intensives, and uniquely transformative retreats at Light Landing, her Peaceful Waterfront Center on the Chesapeake Bay near Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.